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About Us

Chutney Sauce Murabba (CSM)

• Chutney Sauce Murabba (“CSM”) the concept was born when need for tasty home styled food was only a dream as the market was dominated primarily with burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, etc. Thought behind CSM was to create a place which would serve home styled food bursting with distinct flavours in day to day quick bites options like sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, curry and rice, parathas. Indian fusion food is an upcoming section where various dishes from different cuisine is fused in Indian flavours to give a unique blend to the original dish. CSM have tried to fuse food with our own Indian condiments like Chutneys, Sauces, and Murabbas which earlier used to be main attraction with main course food. To relive that era CSM has brought its unique preparation of food items served and prepared with perfect combination of delicious and unusual pairing of handpicked fruity pulpy murabbas, refreshing in house sauces & chutneys.

More than just fuel for the body, comfort food nourishes the soul. We took it upon ourselves to find some of the area’s best purveyors of legit comfort food and taste it! Several dishes featured here are classics, while others are twists on standard favourites. Either way, it’s all made with love. Each item in the menu is sure to find satisfaction and solace in your hearts. The textures and flavors can provide warmth like a wool blanket. So just come to our place or give us a call for ever so wonderful experience.




Dinesh Maheshwari | Foodpreneur & Co-Creator

Dinesh (call him “D”) is a Foodpreneur, (like an entrepreneur) and a foodie who believes he has born to live his life around and for “Food, Food and Food”.

Dinesh did his Chartered Accountancy from ICAI, Pune and B. Com from University of Pune. He worked for almost 7 years with Ernst and Young in statutory audit department based out of Pune, India. While leaving the formal corporate world where he handled large multinational and listed clients in India as a Manager, he had developed genuine interest and love for the innovative Indian flavors which made him move on to this creative world called “FOOD WORLD”.

Dinesh has co-created (as he believes it’s a team work) “Chutney Sauce Murabba” (CSM) in Pune as its first outlet and his first venture too as a foodpreneur. He believes that every Indian has their own concept of Indian taste in their mind and tend to miss it at times while exploring different cuisines in their daily routine. So the concept of CSM was born where each dish has its own innovative Indian flavors along with blends/sides of Chutney/Sauce/Murabba (It’s a “Threesome Experience” you will feel it, after making most of it).
He sums it up as “A global local menu inspired by the spice trail of the mom’s kitchens across the globe”.


Vijay Deokar | Chef & Co-Creator


* 25 years of Culinary expertise in hospitality.
* Hands on Executive Chef for 10 years.
* Indian cuisine demonstrations nationally and internationally.
* Consultant for casual dining and quick service restaurants of Indian cuisine with an international twist.
* Judged at several events: Domestic and international culinary events, culinary school, corporate gigs and TV shows.


Food Philosophy

* Keeping authenticity of flavors intact and blend it with modern fusion cooking.

* Not only does the food look, smell and taste delicious, it heals, soothes and rejuvenates.


Core Competence

* Culinary innovator, creating products contributing to revenue growth.
* Team building, planning, budgeting, quality control, sanitation and guest relation.
* Understanding of current dinning trends
* Coaching and training.