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Chutney: Chutney originated in India as a sour - spicy condiment made from fresh fruits and spices that was traditionally used as relishes with curries to tease the palate and enhance flavors. They can be sweet or sour, spicy or mild or any combination of these.

Sauce: The word "sauce" is derived from a French word that means " a relish that enhances the flavor of any dish it is used with". Today, they are used in almost as a dip, side dish or accompaniment and are also widely used during the actual preparation of food.

Murabba: Murabba, believed to have been originated in modern day Georgia, is a sweet and savory pickle which not only enhances the flavors of food, but also acts as a preservative.

Pickles: : Pickles are commonly used as relishes and accompaniments to foods all across the world. They are typically made of fruits and vegetables preserved in brine with spices.

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We cook what you love to eat. Our pounce on Indian fusion food on quick bites such as Sandwiches, Wraps, Parathas, Rice and twist to Italian Pizzas is to serve it with love and adoration at CSM.